The VybezCode Program

Are you interested in adding something more impactful to your mental health advocation regime? Then these are the 5 steps you need to do to join our VybezCode Program and start getting active with the Vybez Code!

1. Buy an item from this collection and wait until delivery hits your mailbox or door step (We will be routing your order the whole way through.) If you want to add the extra protection to your order then purchase the Route Insurance during check out!

2. Congrats, now you scan the QR code that is on the back of the shirt with your Smart phone to easily activate your new quality tee. Upon activation you will be prompted the opportunity to exclusively join the VybezCode text list.

3. Join the exclusive text list and we'll make your personalized VRN Shop Loyal Customer Page as long as you maintain the VybezCode movement. In this VybezCode movement you will recieve:

  • Personalized motivating text messages based on your location and/or weather.
  • Automatically enrolled to our partners revolutionary learning hubs where you can choose to earn various Mental Health Certifications.
  • A pathway to becoming a prestige donator and field advocate for Mental Health through the fashion industry.
  • Promo codes and continuous savings on existing and new merchandise. 

4. Also, in order to maintain the movement you are required to encourage others to purchase their VybezCode Tee by having them scan your code! Then, when they activate their own VybezCode Tee, Vybez Rising Nation will donate $1 to one of our partners.

(1 successful activation = $1 set towards your own donation fund account)

5. When you reach a threshold of 1,000 successful activations (which will be depicted numerically on your loyal customer profile) you'll receive a certification labeling your $1,000 donation to our partners. This certification will be verified from our partners!