Vybez Rising Nation, LLC.

Suicide Prevention Advocation

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VRN Shop has been established to brand the Vybez Rising Nation company. Owners of this venture are Brandon Gray and Orlando Aguilar. With our brand and through our designs, we aim to encourage millenials and generation Z to live holistically. Vybez Rising Nation advocates for mental health reform and philanthropy.

We Create Digitized Artwork.

We create artwork digitized into digital designs that can be printed on comftorable garments. The designs are subliminal that depict a life of motivation and manifestation.

Quality Fabrics. Trusted Print Providers.

The way we fulfill our vision on creating subliminal designs on comftorable garments are by tapping into a network of trusted print providers. This network carries well-known fabricated garments that are of quality and we only print with a direct-to-garment printing technology for top notch imagery.